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CI : 2 Key factors for Success

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Immediate understanding,intuitive use
two key factors for success
of collaborative innovation

Every day we study CI projects from our Clients and Prospects and we notice that some decision makers are tempted by a tool that appears to know how to do everything.

A tool, often expensive, presented as if it would generate magically new ideas: motivation, cognitive, predictive ... in short the illusion of a Swiss knife of Collaborative Innovation.

Unfortunately, this Swiss knife looks like a real gas factory with a plethora of features that make you forget the essential.

The key is the human factor, the brainpower of each employee and the way in which that brainpower is used.

A collaborative innovation project must have three components (principles, organization and tool) that interacts and creates coherence, meaning and ambition for the project.

A user will participate if and only if the tool at their disposal delivers a clear, simple, easy-to-understand message that values their personal contribution.

As part of the defined project, the software tool, before being predictive, intelligent, or any other superlative, must make the user wants to post his ideas.

And for that, he has 30 seconds overall to convince.
The immediate understanding, the first key to the success of any CI project, is based on the perceived simplicity of the chosen solution and gives access to the second key to success : the intuitive use of the tool.

This goes through the details, which are often imperceptible, but which ultimately make all the difference.
IdeasMine was built with one guiding principle that proves our difference : simplicity.

Simplicity to get to the bottom of the matter and for which we have put our 25 years of experience acquired with our 400 customers.

Complexity frightens and encourages self-limitation, simplicity reassures and facilitates commitment.

Bruno Recchia IT Manager AL Consulting Nov 2016.

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