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Audio conference: the CI to innovate without limit

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I realized an e-briefing of 25 slides for the USINE NOUVELLE magazine on the topic of Innovation.

I commented on excerpts from this updated document during a FREE audio conference on July 27, 2016.
The topic was:

Collaborative Innovation (CI) for all Businesses

to Innovate without limit.

Check out the recording of this conference here.

About AL Consulting
Consulting and Training in the field of Operational Excellence.
AL Consulting Group is since 1991, the expert in the practice of Lean Management (Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office) and the Lean Innovation.
For the past three years, complementarity between the “collaborative innovation” approach and expertise of AL Consulting in continuous progress has materialized in a form called "Lean&Green System".
The main objective of this system is to "Do better with less".

About the moderator
André Langlois, engineer ARTS & METIERS ParisTech has spent 15 years with RENAULT SA.
He studied general business management at the European Center for Executive Development (Center associated with the INSEAD in Fontainebleau).
He is the CEO of Al Consulting which it was founded in 1991.
Aministrator of the Association Innov'actors.
Administrator of the Association ICSD (Innovative Citizen and Sustainable Development).

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AL Consulting
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