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MC² and 5S

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MC² represents the collective efficiency.
M for Motivation, willingness to act, dynamic membership of each one.
C for Capabilities, knowledge becoming expertise.
C for Communication, sharing knowledge, common objectives, shared values, known mission.

The major point of this equation is that each retro factor has an effect on the other two (ex: a motivated person will want to increase her skills, doing so she will want to apply them..). It's a true virtuous circle that get installed.


MC² The basic collective efficiency is a meeting of effective people,which are motivated,expert and who communicate well between each other as part of a known business project.

5S come from 5 Japanese words beginning with S. 
I summarize their benefits below.
Efficiency and safety at the work station, valuing people and the workplace, development of the continuous improvement mindset.

How does the application of 5S promote MC²?

Motivation: with the 5S.

The attention and actions are focused on the workstation and on its environment; everyone feels concerned by the state of his workstation (from the operator to the CEO) and his professional living environment.

Wastes, irritation are reduced or even removed, stress decreases, the quality of life at work improves.

It's a pleasure to make proposals for improvements and to see them implimented  quickly (because they are usually simple and common sense).

Work, facilities and people are respected.

Skills: The 5S develop

Knowledge of different types of wastes.

The notion of working standard and its evolution (best way to do it, easiest, safest way at some point).

The understanding and application of the PDCA with the self-assessment grid.

The sharing of best practices.

A new management approach based on listening and trust.

The state of improvement mind, curiosity, expertise through better communication.


Clear, displayed and respected standards make the service, the office, the workshop more easily accessible to the other members of the team and newcomers,the visual management, the workplace become "obvious".

Anomalies (non-compliance with the standard) are detected and can be quickly corrected.

The Daily 5S implementation review meetings provide an opportunity for dialogue between team members and management, as a means of bringing issues up to date and thus resolving them.

The simple indicators displayed are updated in real time to measure progress.

A simple system of management of ideas, actions and good practices is one of the key tools to the effectiveness of the approach.


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