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Economy and Great Ideas

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What is a great idea?
An idea that is simpleinexpensive, that allows to make an important leap of progress in a short period. 
A great idea gets 5 stars on the criteria of feasibility, profitability, time and generalization
Great ideas are born in the soil of continuous improvement. 

The more improvement new ideas are issued the more chance there is to get great ideas.


Only one great idea can transform your business. 

Let’s compare the status of 2 companies:

Company 1: a company WITHOUT a solution of participative innovation.

Number of progress ideas issued per person and per year: 1 idea/person/year.
Percentage of ideas transformed into actions of progress: 5%.
Savings achieved : often no quantification and no measure of the impact on the company’s margin.
Great ideas: Very little chance to get them.
Company 2: a company WITH a solution of participative innovation (principles for guide, tools for action, an organization for involvement).

Number of progress ideas issued per person and per year: 12 ideas/person/year.
Percentage of ideas transformed into actions of progress: 80%.
Savings achieved : an average of 1500€ per employee each year.
Great ideas: 12 times more chance to get them.

Why the result of situation 2:
-           It is an answer to a strong expectation of the coworkers, 2/3 of whom want their ideas to be solicited
-           The role of strengthened support of the supervisor to the issuer of the idea reinforces the climate of confidence.
-           The realization of ideas increases the motivation and creates a dynamic of involvement, other ideas are issued and realized, the great idea is not that far anymore....

Accelerate your progress dynamics,test the solution IdeasMine in real size. 
Savings and great ideas will be available.

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