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What are the Improvement Ideas?

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 Today, every day, in your company, dozens of ideas come up and fade away without ever being exposed, although they could have brought you a benefit in performance and competitiveness.

These ideas sometimes simple and low-cost can usually be implemented in a matter of days.

In order to do it, you need to give your collaborators a way to :

1. Express and formalize their ideas.

2. Decide which  idea should be implemented or not.

3. have the resources needed to implement the ideas once they are validated.

ampouleThe "classic" idea box was a low efficiency solution: left in a corner, often forgotten by all and looked at without confidence.

Today, we offer you a simple solution, allowing to collect and manage the ideas issued by your teams, a solution that favors dialogue and transparency while applying the retained ideas.

This tool is called IdeasMine, the idea box of the XXIst century.

IdeasMine allows to fully explore the power of collaborative ideas from all your collaborators.


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