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Management innovation-Read this

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Management Innovation.
A "Must" to Really "Boost" the Margin.


The current and future environment requires an improvement of competitiveness in order to remain in the global race.
This is possible with the resources available in your company.

Your management way shapes day after day the technical, organizational and cultural history of your company.
It is one of the major keys to the performance.

The innovative new practices that I will detail over the next few months have a major and quick positive impact on the company's results.

This management innovation consists to define and then to initiate and to make a live an evolving project of  progress step by step (incremental) or radically new (breach).
The characteristics of this project :

  • it mobilizes with efficiency and frugality available resources.

  • it is appropriated and boosted by all stakeholders  (Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Social environment, and so on...).

  • it produces visible, fast and long-term results.

It is a powerful engine of sustainable competitiveness, because these new practices linked to your specificities are unique and defensible. 
They provide an crucial competitive advantage.

Find out the ideas issued and contribute to one aspect of management innovation : http://ip.ideasmine.net
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