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Examples of challenges
Collaborative Innovation

This list is mainly made up of the contributions of the recipients of our publications.
Let them be thanked here.


What are our ideas to develop the state of mind continuous improvement in all our collaborators?

What are our ideas for gaining 30% more Clients in the coming year?

What are our ideas for increasing our operating margin by 30% in the next 12 months?

What ideas to develop new profitable activities for our group?

How to create economic value while preserving the environment and the social bond

What are your ideas for improving the efficiency of our team / service:?

- to better satisfy our customers (internal and / or external) in quality / delay?

- to consume less resources (man time, delay, costs, ...) while bringing the same VA to our customers (internal and / or external)?

How can we encourage our employees to become even more involved in innovation and how to ensure that they find themselves there?

What are the simple, inexpensive, and easy to implement ideas that can improve my work?

What are your ideas for better sorting waste?

What are your ideas for reducing risk situations?

What are our ideas for improving our working conditions while increasing the operating margin?

How can we push our customers to innovate?

How can we push our suppliers to innovate?

How to increase our motivation, the number of customers and our margin?

How to Increase Security Mindset

How to pool and capitalize the ideas and actions that boosted the operational results of our activity / our developments?

How to use all the intelligence of the company every day?

How to create a rupture to build together a "concept" that leads men every day to continuous progress?

How to keep the awakening and the momentum gained by the introduction of a new tool of participatory innovation and to prevent the blowing down?

What are our ideas for keeping and developing our activity on the territory?

How to heal the pleasure of innovating in a realistic (and therefore profitable) management framework?

How do I get more ideas from customers? They are better placed to describe their own needs.
Ex: A system of improvement ideas categorized by products / services

How to double the number of members of our entity?

What can we do to ensure that our customers participate in our development?

What are our ideas to fully employ all the employees of the company, in the best state of mind for them with the goal of rendering a better service to customers?

What are our ideas for doing better, faster, easier?

How to develop innovative products and services for customers

What are your ideas for future products / services

What are our ideas for reaching 0 waste in our company?

What unprecedented managerial skills would we need to master in order to have a decisive competitive advantage?


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